Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Like candy cigarettes, licorice pipes and cigars may be slowly drifting into extinction in the United States - perhaps because many American parents are understandably uncomfortable with candies which emulate smoking. For the record: I never started smoking because of these "gateway candies" - I started smoking because smoking is awesome. But cancer isn't awesome and maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.

Anyway. . . I recently bought a box of licorice pipes and licorice cigars with the expectation that they could soon vanish from stores before I have the chance to say goodbye. So I bought a couple boxes to say goodbye - like when you say goodbye to an elderly family member or friend, who you see on rare occasions, and you always suspect that this is the last time you may ever see them, because they are old.

To licorice pipes and cigars: Goodbye, in advance. If you two happen to die in the next few years, I want to say goodbye before you do. And thank you for being delicious.

To buy licorice pipes: LINK, LINK, and LINK.
To buy licorice cigars: LINK and LINK.

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