Thursday, September 23, 2010


The school year has started and desk supplies are on everyone's mind: California Cedar has resurrected the classic Blackwing 602 pencil, designer Marc Jacobs is releasing a line of fashionable school supplies, and cool desk supply artworks are cropping up.

The Epic Oldschool Desk Set [click to enlarge]:

A). The Papermate Pink Pearl eraser - a classic.
B). The solid brass Kum Inox pencil sharpener - built to last.
C). Rubberband ball - make your own.
D). The Papermate Union double-duty eraser.
E). Elmer's White Glue.
F). The Penway Small Composition Book - a smaller version of the classic.
G). Totally the best multipurpose fine-tipped pen: the Uniball Fine Deluxe.
H). The Westcott Beveled Wood Ruler.
I). A cool pencil with multiplication tables printed on it.
J). A cool pencil with a ruler printed on it.
K). Mistubishi Vermilion/Prussian Blue Pencil - perfect for editing.
L). The classic Dixon Ticonderoga #2 Pencil with cap eraser.
M). Vintage Desk-Mounted Pencil Sharpener.

For on-the-go: a stylish German leather pen and pencil case.

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