Friday, September 10, 2010


Manuals about secret techniques or legendary Kung Fu styles make an appearance in most of the great Kung Fu films. Being a big fan of all things Kung Fu, I've been amassing a small collection of some of the cooler ones. For the beginnings of an epic collection, I recommend the following:

• Dragon's Touch: Weaknesses of the Human Anatomy by Master Hei Long
• 72 Consummate Arts Secrets of the Shaolin Temple by Wu Jiaming and Yang Yinrong
• Drunken Monkey Kung Fu by Dr.Leung Ting
• The Drunkard Kung Fu & Its Application by Dr.Leung Ting
• The Fercious Enchanted Staff by the Ancient Monks by Dr.Leung Ting
• 116 Wing Tsun Dummy Techniques by Master Yip Chun
• Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu by Dr.Leung Ting

A film of "Drunken Style Kung Fu" taken from still images from Dr.Leung Ting's book.

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