Monday, September 6, 2010


If you're ever looking to buy someone a choice gift set, this is it [confession - I bought them for myself]:

A reprint of Hervey Garrett Smith's "The Arts of the Sailor" and a hand-carved scrimshaw Marlinspike Knife from Shar's Scrimshaw - they are the perfect combo.

• "The Arts of the Sailor" is a definitive reference to the arts of knot tying, hitches, splicing, and the grand miscellany of arts of whaling ships of the days of yore. It is a reference book that every household (and whaling ship) should have.

• A good Marlinspike/Sailor's Knife is the perfect companion to this book. When learning to make the badass knots of pirates, whalers, and ancient sailors, this is the knife to have: it is designed specifically for the purpose of cutting and untying rope - the blade is a sailor's rope-cutting blade and that ghastly spike is a "marlinspike" used to pry open knots. And Shar's scrimshaw art adds the perfect maritime touch.

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