Friday, September 3, 2010


Bike thievery is common enough in our neighborhood, but our patio is really the only place my girlfriend can store her bike. Thus began "The Bike-o-flage Experiments" - finding a way to camouflage the bike from wouldbe thieves.

DESIGN #1 - Cardboard Box Debris
This was a good idea in theory, but sucked in application: make the bike look like a pile of cardboard box debris. It ended-up being too cumbersome to put on and take off, plus it had the potential of attracting hobo scavengers.

DESIGN #2 - The Camouflage Blind
This design works much better: a tarp painted to look like nondescript "stuff." From a distance, the angled pattern on the tarp makes it difficult to recognize the form of the bike and makes it difficult to grasp exactly what you're looking at (especially at night).

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  1. How big is your place? Have you thought about getting one of those indoor bike racks? Maybe that could be an option. I like the cardboard box one, but definitely too risky